Safety tests

Dermal Compatibility Tests

  • Single 48-hour single test patch test
  • “Elbow fold” test
  • “R.O.A. Test” (forearm)

Acceptability Tests 

  • Use test under Dermatological, Ophthalmological control, Gynecological, Pediatric
  • Use test under the supervision of a Dental Surgeon
  • Non-comedogenicity test
  •  “Eye projection” test

Immunotoxicity Tests

  • Sensitization test (TCFS, Marzulli & Maibach)
  • Photo-irritation/photosensitization test

IEC Group

Since 1999, I.K.E. France pursues a policy of international development. In order to best meet the needs of its customers, it has established itself on three continents (Europe, Asia, Africa).