I. Why do you have to make yourselves familiar with the personal data processing and protection policy applied by Institut d’expertise clinique –Bulgaria IEC –Bulgarie AD(IECBulgaria)?IEC Bulgaria processes personal data in its capacity of controller of personal data and as a processor of personal data by way of assignment by virtue of contracts with other controllers of personal data. This means that your personal data –such as name, address, telephone, e-mail for contacts, etc. –may be stored with us. As a token of our commitment to ensuring the highest level of protection of your personal data we have prepared internal rules and we follow strict procedures of control of the processing of personal data which comply with the requirements of the General Data ProtectionRegulation(GDPR). This policy aims to clarify all principal matters regarding the processing of personal datacarried out by us: for what purposes we carry it out, on what grounds and for what period. Here you can check what your rights are in relation to the personal data processed by us and how you can contact us in order to exercise them.If you cannot find an answer to any of your questions you can contact us in the manner stated below.Institut d’expertise clinique –Bulgaria IEC –Bulgarie AD17 Henrik Ibsen Street, city of Sofia, postal code 1407Telephone: +359 2490 21 89e-mail: Viktoria Yordanova
22II. Why and how IEC Bulgariaprocesses personal dataIEC Bulgariacarries out clinical studies assigned by its cosmetic company customers. In order to accomplish this function we enter into contracts with volunteers for the purposes of the studiesof various cosmetic products, which contracts contain personal data of the participants. The customers who trust is aim to abide by the highest standards regarding the quality of their products and thus certain category of personal data need to be collected from the participants in the studies so that we can be sure not only of the reliability of the results regarding the tested cosmetic products but also of the safe conduct of the studies. Therefore, in order to carry out the services assigned by our customers we have available some sensitive information such as health condition, biometric data, skin type data, etc.When providing the services entrusted to us we observe the highest standards of confidentiality that correspond and exceed the requirements for performance of clinical studies examining the safety, efficiency and quality of cosmetic products. The purposes of the processing of such personal data as well as the periods of such processing are determined by the respective customer who acts as a controller of the collected data as we will notify you of such circumstances when we collect your personal data. If you have any queries in this regard we will forward it to the respective controller in order to ensure your right to information and we will do what is necessary so that you receive an answer. Please, bear in mind that in order not to vitiate the study being conducted, in its beginning we do not disclose the name of the respective customer being a Controller, because his name may distort your perceptions within framework of the study. As a rule the customer himself will not receive your personal data but only anonymized information about the results of the study: specific information about may be provided only if necessary in view of the protection of the public interest. After the completion of the study you can always obtain additional information about whom your personal data have been made available to.Personal data may also be processed in relation to those activities that are necessary so that we can provide the best service to our customers: technical support, contracts with employees, etc. Such personal data collected by us are the

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